Amber Daines – Co-founder

During the past 24 years, Amber has become of Australia’s most agile communications professionals, known for her ability to devise and implement successful strategies across all forms of communications.

She has worked in Australia, Asia, USA, UK and Europe, and has a deep understanding of complex geopolitical landscapes and can leverage her connections globally.

Amber spring-boarded her career as an award-winning TV and print journalist turned media commentator, public relations director, and sought-after crisis communications consultant. She has been engaged by scores of household name organisations including AMP, Deloitte, Finity, Westfield, Sydney Water, Sephora, Westpac, eBay, and Stryker.

Hundreds of well-known CEOS, business leaders and senior spokespersons have engaged Amber to help bolster their PR strategies, improve stakeholder relations and sharpen their crisis communications for the immediate and longer terms. Amber is also a licensed media trainer.

“I empower my clients to communicate their messages with clarity, power and poise, no matter the channel or business scenario. I offer all the leaders I work with a knack for taking esoteric or challenging issues and topics and reframing them for strategic success.”

Working together with Danica, Amber brings together her love of residing in regional Australia with an emphasis on blue-sky thinking. 

Danica Bunch- Co-founder

Danica is a Public Relations and Strategic Communications professional who has an extended skillset into business strategy and leadership support and coaching. She has held a range of leadership roles in both government and the private/commercial sector managing public affairs, advocacy, and investor relations.

Danica is a strong net worker and influencer, adept at building both internal and external relationships that enhance her effectiveness in achieving outcomes for her clients.

In her time in senior leadership roles, she has honed her skills for working with both ‘at risk’ and complex organisational and contractual or reputational challenges and positioning, being able to troubleshoot the issues and implement strategies. This work has extended to more recent strategy advice on a consultancy basis for private sector and commercial organizations. 

Danica has been brought into a wide array of industries to support and advise on large corporate turnarounds and restructures, start-up eco-systems, FMCG brand builds and alignments, crisis situations and the Insurtech industry where she leads strategic engagement, investor relations and supports companies as a mentor. She herself is a co-founder and strategic advisor for a FMCG platform so understands first-hand how to put strategy into practice.

Her talent and passion for strategic communications and PR, her innovative ways of utilising alternative media and strategic engagement has supported organisations to build strong relationships, reputations, and storytelling to succeed. She can work with you to help ‘future proof’ your business profile in these ever changing business world.

My approach and work is underpinned by four value driven behaviours:

  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Creativity
  • Strong and honest relationships

These values ensure I deliver the best strategic advice to clients, supporting them to achieve their commercial objectives.“